4 Ways McCormack Schreiber Can Help You HIRE Your Target Paralegal



As legal recruiters, we understand that in every industry there are always some positions that are harder to fill than others – it’s like finding a “unicorn.”  In the legal industry, paralegal searches can be challenging, requiring a recruiting partner like us!  Remember…you want to HIRE the very best paralegals in your market!


At McCormack Schreiber Legal Solutions, our network of paralegal candidates is vast.  We not only have an extensive database of potential candidates to contact, but also possess the technology and the tools required to recruit additional talent and reach out directly to gauge his/her interest in the position.  Passive candidates are often the strongest candidates for a position, and it is our job to engage with potential candidates, educate them about the opportunity and pique their interest.


Would you hire a mechanic to do your taxes?  That would be absurd…and that is why you partner with McCormack Schreiber, a longtime leader in the Chicago legal recruiting market, to fill your law firm and in-house paralegal positions.  Our recruiting team is comprised of former attorneys, paralegals and a law firm recruiting professional – and because of our deep backgrounds we understand the legal market and every aspect of recruiting top talent.


We are known in the industry for providing top legal talent.  We regularly speak to strong paralegal candidates and – through our vetting process – are able to we narrow down a search to only those candidates who we believe fit our clients unique hiring needs.


We understand that our clients deserve an effective and timely process for locating their target candidates.   Once you engage us to assist you with your search, we are with you every step of the way – from the early stages of the interview process all the way to the final offer stage.  We are confident that McCormack Schreiber Legal Solutions provides unparalleled service and results.


McCormack Schreiber Legal Solutions assists law firms and corporate legal departments with the placement of experienced paralegals of all levels, as well as with staffing attorneys and paralegals on a contract, project or temporary basis.  We provide a caliber of candidate and level of service that is unsurpassed in the legal industry and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and results.  We welcome you to contact us in confidence: 

McCormack Schreiber Legal Solutions
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