Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Whether you’re looking to hire or seeking a new opportunity, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Take a look at our most frequently asked questions, and if you are ready to discuss your search needs further, we are here to help.


McCormack Schreiber will be an invaluable asset to you in targeting and recruiting the most qualified candidates.

Our deep understanding of the legal market, coupled with our extensive database of potential candidates and personal outreach is the best way to target the most desirable and appropriate candidates, many of whom are doing well in their current roles and not actively seeking new positions.

Further, our recruiting is a time-saving device, as you will not have to use your own time and resources to prepare advertisements and sift through candidate resumes, most of which may be inappropriate for the position you are seeking to fill.

Finally, we conduct in-depth screening interviews of each candidate prior to submitting to a prospective employer. This in-depth vetting - either by an in-person meeting or, if necessary, by comprehensive Zoom/video meeting or telephone conference - ensures that we carefully screen each potential candidate for a position, thus presenting your "target" candidates for each role.

Our fees are typically on a contingency basis based on a percentage of the placement fee, and employers will be charged for our services only if the employer hires a candidate presented by us, with the fee due upon commencement of the attorney’s employment.

Our in-house searches are contingency-based but are done on an exclusive basis (where we are the only search firm working on the search), as we work closely with our company clients for specific positions.

McCormack Schreiber Legal Search is an active member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants and we abide by the NALSC Code of Ethics, which includes a six-month prohibition on soliciting/cold calling from law firms or companies where we have made a placement.

Yes. We are extremely effective in targeting and successfully placing the very best legal professionals for our law firm and in-house clients.

Yes. Although we have assisted clients nationally, most of our law firm paralegal placements are in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, and while this is also largely true for in-house, we have also placed paralegals in in-house legal positions on a national basis.


It is essential to choose a highly-respected and experienced search firm to best represent you in such an important process. We have an extremely experienced group of search consultants who are former practicing attorneys and legal professionals who will provide knowledgeable advice and assistance.

Further, we operate under high standards of ethics and integrity, and provide candidates with detailed and candid information and assist at every stage of the process.

Finally, we regularly remind our employer clients of the importance of a candidate's confidentiality, and we do not submit your resume to an employer without your express prior permission.

No. As is standard in the industry, McCormack Schreiber is compensated by the employer and has no impact on your search process or the compensation that you will be offered by the employer.

The answer to this question depends on the type of search that a candidate is conducting, but as a general rule, when searching for opportunities at law firms it is typically best to work with one very carefully selected legal recruiting firm. An established relationship with one search firm will help avoid any potential for a "double contact"; (i.e., a double submission for the same opportunity by more than one source). When a double contact occurs, it may reflect badly on the candidate, who may be viewed as having lost control of the process or who may appear too desperate to find other employment.

Larger law firms tend to work with many recruiting companies, and small law firms may work with a handful of firms. At McCormack Schreiber, we work with virtually every high-quality large, mid-size and boutique law firm in the city.

For candidates searching for an in-house position, our advice differs slightly. In-house searches are often exclusive to a single search firm, and for that reason, it can be beneficial to contact a select number of top search firms to inform them that you are looking for a certain type of in-house position.

There is no "one size fits all" answer to this question. As an associate who is interested in moving to another law firm, you are typically most marketable with 2 or more years of legal experience. Generally, the more junior level candidates (less than 1 year of experience) are less attractive to a law firm because law firms have filled their ranks at these levels with recent law school graduates.

For partner-level attorneys, McCormack Schreiber has a full range of opportunities depending on the level of portable business and, in certain practice areas, for attorneys with strong legal experience and no current portable business.

The most marketable period for attorneys seeking in-house positions is less clear. Many in-house searches tend to fall within the range of 5 to 10 years of experience, though searches for more junior candidates and more senior candidates are very common as well.

As a general rule, a legal search firm will be an impediment to a recent law school graduate as law firms and corporations rarely are willing to pay a placement fee for candidates with less than 1 year of legal experience. Candidates who are completing federal clerkships are often exceptions to this rule.

We are extremely knowledgeable about the Chicago legal market and are particularly well-equipped to assist candidates who are moving to this area.

There are a few aspects of a relocation that may affect the interview process:

  • It can be quite helpful to take the Bar exam, waive-in, or at least register for a state's bar prior to embarking on a search in that particular region.
  • Prepare your resume in a way that demonstrates any connection to the area.
  • If you are committed to staying in the area, it is important throughout the interview process to make potential employers aware of your commitment.

Yes. Although our focus is Chicago, we have facilitated placements throughout the country. Further, we have relationships with outstanding recruiting firms in virtually every major metropolitan area and can work closely with those recruiters to assist you to relocate to another part of the country.

Paralegals/Other legal professionals

McCormack Schreiber has experienced recruiters who will assist you throughout the search and placement process. We take the time to answer your questions, review your resume and provide counseling throughout the interview process. We work one-on-one with you to discuss your goals and provide detailed information about our clients and opportunities to ensure a strong match between candidates and clients.

We will not submit your resume to employers without your express permission. Thus, candidates who work with McCormack Schreiber remain in complete control of the submission and search process.

To be considered, email your resume to We will review your resume and respond promptly.

No. We have negotiated the arrangements with clients, who are responsible for any fees associated with a search.