In-House Attorneys

Corporate legal departments have trusted us for decades to help them build strong in-house teams. We have placed hundreds of attorneys in in-house positions of all levels, and we have a well-earned reputation as an industry leader in the in-house arena.

Providing Unparalleled Access to Top Legal Talent

At McCormack Schreiber, we have a diverse client base ranging from regional to national and global Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries. Our candidate vetting is also extensive and based heavily on the significant information and insight gathered at the start of each search. We are particularly qualified to target and recruit your ideal attorney candidates. For more information about our unique in-house process please click below.

Our Process

Industry Insights

They’re Back… Odd Interview Questions

Maybe they never went away, but in recent months, I …

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3 Misconceptions About Legal Recruiting Firms

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Ghosting in the Hiring Process

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Recruit Like a Country Singer

I recently discovered that I really love country music – …

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