Law Firm Associates

McCormack Schreiber has successfully placed hundreds of associates with premier large, midsize and boutique law firms. We assist experienced attorneys at all levels and in a full range of practice areas.

Navigating the Associate Years: Career Consultants and Market Experts

Associate years lay the groundwork for an entire legal career, and we know how important it is to invest in them wisely. Our professionals have prior careers as practicing attorneys and legal professionals, and we draw on our backgrounds, as well as our strong recruiting experience and deep network of contacts, to provide the most knowledgeable advice and assistance to our lateral associate candidates and law firm clients. We also understand the sensitivity of a lateral move, and it is our goal to ensure the most professional, ethical and confidential search process possible.

Industry Insights

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Maybe they never went away, but in recent months, I …

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3 Misconceptions About Legal Recruiting Firms

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Ghosting in the Hiring Process

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Recruit Like a Country Singer

I recently discovered that I really love country music – …

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