3 Misconceptions About Legal Recruiting Firms

Misconception #1: Internal recruiting teams find the same high-quality talent as external recruiters: Not always true. Niche market recruiters (such as legal) have long-standing relationships with highly desired candidates who are not actively on the market and not searching job boards, but who may be open to considering unique and interesting roles.

Misconception #2: Internal recruiting staff can do the same job as quality legal search firms. While this is a common view of some firms, a legal recruiter makes a living by finding talent that law firms and legal departments cannot find on their own. For high-level targeted searches, it makes sense for hiring managers to narrow the playing field before interviewing.

Misconception #3: External recruiters are too expensive. The direct and indirect costs of building out an internal recruiting team are substantially higher than paying out a one-time fee for the services of a legal recruiter.

TAKE AWAY…highly regarded legal search firms, such as McCormack Schreiber Legal Search, can not only bring you the best talent to consider, but also they contribute to the success of your organization as a whole.

Debbie Carlson
Director of Business Development and Legal Recruiting