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They’re Back… Odd Interview Questions

Maybe they never went away, but in recent months, I …

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3 Misconceptions About Legal Recruiting Firms

Misconception #1: Internal recruiting teams find the same high-quality talent …

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Ghosting in the Hiring Process

Ghosting…a term that typically relates to dating, but one that …

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Recruit Like a Country Singer

I recently discovered that I really love country music – …

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Will You Accept This Rose….I Mean Offer?

I’ll admit in the past I was a Bachelor series …

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Human Touch: The Recruiting Edition – 2021

Does anyone remember the song “Human Touch”, a now kind of …

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5 Essential Steps for Success in the Current Legal Job Market

Is the current legal job market really inactive right now? …

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“We are busy….but hiring is on hold! Help!”

This is a familiar refrain we are hearing from clients …

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5 Key Tips for a Successful Video Interview at Home

In the current environment – where much of the country …

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