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The Ins and Outs of Evaluating In-House Positions

The most common response we get when we reach out …

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The Interview Process – Don’t Let These Extra Steps Surprise You!

Some job seekers may remember a time when the interview …

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Is There a “BEST” Time to Begin Your Job Search?

We are often asked by our candidates whether there is …

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4 Ways McCormack Schreiber Can Help You HIRE Your Target Paralegal

    As legal recruiters, we understand that in every …

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5 Words Lawyers Should NOT Use on their Resume!

  1. Seasoned Just say no to the word “seasoned,” …

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6 Things You Should Always Tell Your Recruiter

As an attorney or paralegal working with a legal recruiter …

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Associates: When Should You Start Looking for a New Position?

  As a law firm associate who knows that you …

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Lawyers – Rethinking the “Job Hopper” Perception

The traditional legal industry perception, especially among large established law …

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Does Your Resume Pass The “So What?” Test?

When drafting a resume, it’s tempting to use copious adjectives …

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