5 Key Tips for a Successful Video Interview at Home

In the current environment – where much of the country is working remotely – employers are heavily relying on video conferencing tools to conduct interviews. As a job seeker, how you present yourself is crucial to landing a new position, and you must be as mindful of this in a video interview as you would for an in-person interview.

Here are a few tips for a successful virtual interview from home.

1. Test your Wi-Fi connectivity

Be sure your home Wi-Fi connection is stable and test the connectivity strength in advance of the interview. If possible, connect directly to your modem for the strongest signal.

2. Get familiar with your video conferencing tools

Make sure to do a test run prior to the interview to avoid any day-of technical glitches.

3. Choose the right location

You may be in a makeshift home office but take some time to scout out the perfect location in your home to conduct a video interview. Pick a place where you are in front of a single color wall, and one that is not too busy. Make sure your location is quiet and free from any background noise. The room also should be well-lit, and it’s better to have the light source behind the camera, rather than behind the subject. If you are adding lighting to enhance the natural light in the room, the lamp should be at your eye height, and the webcam should be positioned slightly above your eye level.

4. Dress for success

Although not in person, you must make the effort to look professional. If you would have worn a suit for the in-person interview, then you should wear a suit for the video interview (or at least the top part of you that shows on the screen should be professionally dressed!).

5. Be ready to go

Sit in front of your screen five minutes before the scheduled video interview, and join the screen a couple of minutes before it starts. It is always better to be ready – and better early than late!

While at home video interviews are new territory for many of us when seeking a new position, if done correctly, they can be just as helpful and informative, and put you on your way to a great new position!

Debbie Carlson
Director of Business Development and Legal Recruiting