Will You Accept This Rose….I Mean Offer?

I’ll admit in the past I was a Bachelor series fan. I watched every season up until the last year and then I just sort of lost interest. But, I happened to catch the most recent episode featuring bachelor Clayton. I have to say, it did not let me down in terms of drama or the “you won’t believe what happens next” narrative.

Clayton falls in love with all three remaining women. Susie chooses to leave because Clayton admits he has told all three that he is in love with them (and, by the way he was “intimate” with them too). Rachel and Gabby ultimately decide to accept his rose and to see how their journey plays out, although one states that she doesn’t like feeling like a consolation prize.

I couldn’t help to compare this scenario to the recruiting process. As a recruiter, I have seen a similar path during the candidate interview experience. Sometimes you think there is a clear winner with a candidate who has it all – academics, pedigree, personality. But sometimes the path is not always clear. There are unexpected twists and turns throughout the interview process. Someone (like Susie who appeared to be the frontrunner) may choose to withdraw from the process because something doesn’t feel right, they get a better offer, or they are just not sure it is the right move. As hard as it seemed, Susie had to exit but she still wondered if she did the right thing. In the recruiting process, when the frontrunner exits you continue on with the remaining candidates. Or if you want the frontrunner who has walked away, the employer may come back to them with an amazing offer because they have to have them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I guess what I am saying is that there isn’t always a straight path to landing your dream job. Interviewing is all about human connections and experience. In recruiting, you are dealing with human beings with all sorts of opinions, perceptions, and judgments. It can be a rollercoaster sometimes, but it tends to work out in the end. Employers and candidates both take a risk and go with their intuition in finding a perfect match. I choose to believe that it all works out the way it is supposed to be.

Debbie Carlson
Director of Business Development and Legal Recruiting