8 Questions You Should NOT Ask an Employer During an Initial Interview

In job interviews, we all know that it is important to think about your responses to likely questions that a potential employer may ask. But, it is equally important to be prepared with any questions that you may wish to ask the interviewer. While questions about the responsibilities of the position and career advancement are typically safe topics, there are questions (serious and funny) that are better saved for the offer stage, a later stage in the process – or never.

Some of them are:

  1. Do I have to work in the office and/or may I work remotely?
  2. What is your vacation policy and when can I start to take days off?
  3. For out-of-town candidates – – Will you pay for my mother/father to come with me to my next onsite interview?
  4. How soon can I expect to be promoted to a position where I will not have to do ________ (insert any duties that happen to be the responsibilities of the current job for which you are interviewing)?
  5. Do you drug test for this position?
  6. How late do you expect me to work at night?And, of course, there are the more personal questions…
  7. Did you vote for Clinton or Trump? (Always avoid politics!)
  8.  I love your tie – how much did it cost?!

Although some questions are less advisable for an initial interview, most would agree that perhaps the worst response when asked if you have any questions is to say “no”.

What are some of the best and worst questions that you have been asked as a hiring employer or have asked as an interviewee?