Dear Sir or Madam – Cover Letters

A new year brings us reason to develop better habits and hopefully to change some bad ones. When it comes to your 2015 job search, let’s discuss cover letters. Who likes writing them, and how many people read them? I review hundreds of resumes per day, and I think it’s safe to say that when applying for a new position, your experience – as detailed on your resume – speaks volumes. I will read a cover letter, but only after reviewing the resume. If a prospective employer specifically directs you to attach a cover letter, resume, transcript, etc. – attach away! Otherwise, I often find that a brief yet carefully drafted email introducing yourself and attaching your resume is a good practice.

Some important things to DO when emailing a prospective employer:

  • DO list the position for which you are applying
  • DO mention mutual contacts or referrals
  • DO explain any recent job moves
  • If you wish to relocate to a new city, DO explain any connection to the city and when you are available to interview, relocate and start the position
  • DO proofread all of your submission materials
  • DO NOT send form letters

Finally, always keep track of where you submit your materials. Be sure to keep a record of dates of submissions, positions/descriptions, prospective employers, contacts, job codes, websites, etc.

I hope that you have a happy and successful 2015, and good luck with your job search!